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Diary details

Nickname: Anne

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2016-12-01
Product: angelalign Pro

Total quantity: 22 sets
The number of the aligner:21 sets

Doctor: Cao Yang / Shanghai Tianzhi Dental Clinic
Teeth problem: Deep occlusion / deep coverage

To the Long Orthodontic Journey, and for Me Who Loves Smiling

Hello everyone!

I am Anne, on the seventy-ninth day of the second orthodontic treatment. I’ll share some orthodontic tips, hoping that the friends interested in this can see them and they can be of help.

This article is long and covers a lot of content, including but not limited to the following aspects:

·Selection and Recommendation of Orthodontic Information

·Handy Gadgets / Oral Hygiene Products during Orthodontic Treatment

·Personal Feelings after Some Orthodontic Operations

·Temporomandibular Joint Related Information

·Anti-Wisdom Teeth Association, AWTA

At the age of 19, on the seventy-ninth day of the second orthodontic treatment, the invisible correction was carried out with the Angelalign pro invisible appliance and came to 6-2. Many accessories have been attached, the adjacent surface has been glazed off, and the rubber band has been hung continuously.

At the best orthodontic age (11 years old, Grade 6 in primary school), I experienced an orthodontic treatment (forced, with enthusiasm almost zero), which can be said to be very unreliable, with no filming, only modeling and correction of merely the upper teeth, lasting less than one year, and then letting me wear a retainer.

Later, the retainer was lost and my teeth slowly relapsed. The teeth before the second orthodontic treatment were similar to those before the age of 12 and were almost restored to their original state.

The process of the first orthodontic treatment was obviously not standardized, and the recurrence is certainly related to the appearance of wisdom teeth in Grade 2 of high school (16 years old), but I think it is also related to the fact that the first orthodontic treatment may not have achieved a good fitting and lip-tooth relationship.

During the second orthodontic treatment, it was decided in late October of 2016 (of course it had been considered for a long time before). Then following the first visit, discussion on the plan, examination of the joints, I finally put on the first pair of braces on December 27.

Gingivitis has never drawn my attention before, and there is no pain or bleeding in daily life, but the gums in the middle of the lower incisors are swollen and heal by themselves after washing the teeth, and the calculus in the teeth is indeed the largest on the two lower incisors (perhaps because it is close to the salivary glands). After washing the teeth, the swollen gingiva healed itself, and the gingiva papilla was not as full as before (of course, it was swollen before). Fortunately, the problem has been solved in time and did not cause the gingiva to shrink. (But still very uncomfortable. After all, I am still a young man)

So everyone should wash his teeth regularly! (saddened)

That most of my back teeth are decayed was scolded by my mother ... as long as I brushed my teeth at home for less than three minutes, she was going to pull me back to brush it again. There was no decay before my boarding in high school. With no restraints in high school, I let myself run wild for a while and often didn't brush my teeth after supper (now that would be intolerable to me). Three years later, most of the back teeth have superficial caries. My lovely orthodontist said she would help me observe them during the orthodontic process and deal with it in time if needed.

· As for the choice of appliance, I always wanted steel wire correction (cheap, right!). Unexpectedly, I finally opted for invisible correction. My subjective thoughts (such as I am poor) have little influence on my decision.

I believe, no matter what kind of appliance, it is after all an orthodontist's tool. Maybe it should be after doctors and patients have established a common goal of correction that doctors could take the lead in choosing a more advantageous/handy tool.

I studied in Shanghai, and I knew from the time I planned to get orthodontic treatment that I could not rely on my parents to find acquaintances (it has been proved that acquaintances, unless they are excellent in the industry, could be unreliable and then my result would be upset). After all, it is not convenient for me to return to the clinic. In addition to the heavy schoolwork, lining up made me despair, and at first it was very helpless.

The information about orthodontic treatment could be explosive. Every day, countless information is posted to the Internet. You and I can see a sea of views and possibilities through search, right and wrong, good and bad.

However! Here comes the turning point.

When I was swiping Weibo, I found "Ibesteeth", an Internet dental platform, and I went to follow its public account (ibesteeth) and found: "Oh, it is great. This public account is of high quality and seems to be able to make an appointment with a doctor". Then I added customer service and talked with Xiaobei and made an appointment with my current orthodontist.

This might be my most correct and lucky choice for orthodontics at the beginning.

I like and especially believe in my orthodontist, who is beautiful, gentle and lovely. It is magical for people to like and trust. At any time when I see the doctor's beautiful and gentle big eyes, I feel secure. How can there be such a gentle and beautiful doctor whose words you can't help listening to?

· In terms of the plan, my lovely orthodontist gave me two choices at that time, and I chose a plan that we agreed on (of course!).

Personal cases are of no use to others (after all, they are not exchanges between dental colleagues). I am not professional and cannot analyze the reaons, and patients do not need to take online cases to instruct their own doctors whom they should have believed.

So I won't go into details. I'll just show you the dental photos and the final diagnosis.

For orthodontics alone.

· The doctors of Ibesteeth are very reliable. At present, there should be more dentists on the platform. I chose the private clinic because I had no much time to spend in public hospitals for the early days, and the private clinic environment and atmosphere are better. Now it is not the times when a good doctor only works in public hospitals (that’s also why there may be many doctors who are not qualified).

I have always thought it important to believe in my doctor, and the relaxing relationship of trust may be the result of my careful choice. Ibesteeth reduced the difficulty of making options so you can simply choose and believe.

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