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Diary details

Nickname: Xiao Si

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2016-09-02
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 30 sets
The number of the aligner:29 sets

Doctor: He Peng / Shenzhen HengSheng Hospital
Teeth problem: Malocclusion / upper maxillary midline / left lower 4 and 6 anti-jaw

From a Mouthful of Irregular Teeth to A Beauty in the Picture


Today, the story of the braces is shared by a fresh beauty from Shenzhen, called Xiao Si.

In the past, her upper teeth were protruding and her lower teeth irregular. After 29 sets of braces for correction, initial results have been achieved.

Moreover, this is her second correction. Let’s expect what she has to tell about her feelings and stories.


On September 2, 2016, I went to the hospital to get a model and officially embarked on the road of secondary correction. Now I'm wearing the 29th pair. I'm very happy to get along with the braces, and the changes I'm expecting are beginning to show--my teeth have become beautiful finally!


This is my second correction. The first time was in 2010, wearing steel braces. At that time, my teeth were a mess. I had been laughed at for having buck teeth, not an interesting memory at all! Most girls are the same. They are careless on the surface. In fact, they are particularly sensitive inside and even feel inferior.

At that time, everyone wore steel braces for correction, and I did the same. It's a pity that I really didn't understand anything at that time, because the lower teeth were aching too much in correction, so only the upper teeth were corrected. Now that I have started to work, my teeth are still a headache--the upper teeth are slightly protruding and the lower teeth are irregular, especially when I laugh, I can see slightly bucking teeth, and for the side faces it is more obvious when I take pictures.

And what really made me decide to correct it again was to go to the hospital and pull out wisdom teeth. I saw the poster on the billboard. The eight teeth that were neatly exposed were as beautiful and perfect shining as shells, and I was struck by its beauty all of a sudden. The more you miss, the more you care. People who have beautiful teeth will never understand that desire.


It's a seed aspiring change and will germinate when it meets the right soil. After years of yearning meeting invisible braces, the second correction did not hesitate to take place. Before doing this, I looked up a lot of materials and did a lot of study on the brands in the market. This time, I must be cautious, successful and beautiful.

The reason for choosing invisible correction is that it is safe, clean and convenient, and the number of return visits is relatively small. Of course, it is very, very important that if you don't tell others won’t know you are wearing braces! On the contrary, after wearing invisible braces, I will be happy to tell others that I am wearing braces because it is a very worthy thing to share.


This is a photo taken at the beginning of correction, showing all the tooth problems.

I did it at a local dental hospital in Shenzhen. The doctor's target plan is to adjust the midline of the upper jaw to the right to the normal position and align the upper and lower dentitions. Accordingly, the upper and lower dentitions have been glazed on the adjacent surface.

Let's compare my braces and see where the change is.




Compared with the first set and the 25th set, the upper teeth have been successfully retracted and the lower teeth have been arranged neatly. Isn't it great?

It's not difficult to get along with invisible braces every day, but you can't be lazy. Except that the first three days of each new pair of braces are taken off with the help of tissue paper, for the rest of time they are picked with bare hands in seconds.

If the braces are clean, I will throw them into the cleaner and wash them with clean water, which will be tidier than washing with hands! Especially for those with bad cervical vertebra, we can't afford to bend the head and brush the braces. Don't ask me how I knew it! Long neck!


The funniest thing about wearing invisible braces was that I brushed the teeth and wore braces in front of my grandma. At that time, she thought I was wearing artificial teeth just like her. She also wanted to show me hers and was stopped by me when she was ready to buckle out them. So lovely of her!

Also, braces on the dinner table are often taken as garbage and thrown into the trash can. I am also used to it, and I will be very happy if I can get it back.

Some friends saw my posts on social media and came to inquire. Every time I showed them my teeth, I almost took out my braces and let them watch. In fact, many people are not satisfied with their own teeth, but they are afraid to correct their teeth by wearing the steel braces, so invisibility is just the rigid demand for orthodontics.

Those who need orthodontic treatment but are still hesitating, I would like to say that you had better correct them early than late. As long as you have an idea now, you will certainly do it in a few years' time. Rather than hesitating, you may as well go to several hospitals to find a reliable doctor. Don't say you only value the inside!


My change from wearing braces to now is not just in appearance. In fact, it looks the same, that is, the teeth are tidy and I seem to be more beautiful several times (serious).

But the most important is psychological satisfaction! I used to smile without revealing my teeth, and I was afraid of others talking about my bucked teeth. Whereas now I can smile happily, with a bold grin, a little skeptical about whether I have become a grinning maniac.


Family members and friends who did not support me in correcting my teeth again now would say that I am really good-looking and also marvel at the magic of invisible braces. Some people have also been successfully recommended by me and are going to do orthodontics, haha ...

And wearing braces is also one of the things I insist on for the longest time, teaching me how to be "persistent". From being lazy and procrastinated to a motivated youth now, it is braces that have brought me this change.

Thank you for accompanying me every day and making me more confident and smile.

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