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After years of R&D, and clinical verification, angelalign has introduced angelalignKiD for treatments for 6 to 12 year-old children, aiming at their dental, skeletal, and muscular development problems that can occur in mixed dentition patients.


About angelalignKiD

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    Expansion protocols developed for developing patients

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    Maintain space for eruption of permanent teeth

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    Reduce the possibility of subsequent extraction treatment or surgery

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    Reduce the possibility of subsequent extraction treatment or surgery

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    Customized, accurate and efficient, comfortable and aesthetic

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    Coordinate teeth, mandible, and muscle for healthy development

Features of angelalignKiD

Orthodontic team and treatment planning focused 6 to 12 year old children

Based on the oral features of 6 to 12-year-old children, angelalign combines expertise in clear aligner manufacturing, a comprehensive treatment design service, and work together with doctors to provide thorough treatment planning for 6 to 12 year old patients.

Specific Materials for 6 to 12-year-old Children

According to the dental development and characteristics of 6 to 12-year-old’s , including skeletal problems, relatively small teeth, relatively short clinical crown heights, and lower bone density, angelalignKiD adopts a new-generation of our masterControl® material, which is a customized material specifically for this age group. This material is softer, more elastic, providing softer, gentler force distribution that aligns perfectly with younger children’s bone biology.

> More information on our innovative masterControl® Material

Uniquely designed attachments

Designed through clinical experience and sophisticated calculations using the masterForce biomechanical platform, the unique retention attachments applied on angelalignKiD, are specially designed for the children with relatively short clinical crown heights, they improve the aligner’s retention and material wrap around, thus delivering better force application onto teeth.

> More information on our innovative masterControl® Material

Arch Expansion Protocols

Again through clinical experience and verification using the masterForce®biomechanical platform, specific expansion protocols are used to gently guide the development of the arch providing more space for eruption of permanent teeth.

Guide the Mandible Forward

Given the classic philosophy of functional correction in orthodontics, angelalignKiD is designed with a unique device to correct class II malocclusions. The device consists of a customized occlusal splint according to children’s real occlusion and bite. When patients bite with the aligners, the occlusal splint will snap-fit to guide the mandible forward and correct the class II malocclusion.

Train Muscle Function

Based on patients’ oral environment, angelalignKiD features a custom-made device to train muscle functions. Accompanied with muscle function exercises during wearing, it can effectively promote the coordinated development of muscle functions.

  • Patients continue their everyday activities

    When singing or speaking, playing an instrument, or performing on a stage, children will not be affected like traditional fixed braces, your patients can do what they want.

  • Eat what they want when they want

    As a removable appliance, AngelalignKiD can be easily removed so children can eat healthy food such a fruit and vegetables. Oral hygiene is easily maintained to prevent tooth decay.

  • Smile with confidence

    angelalignKiD’s nearly transparent material allows children to smile with confidence and enjoy everyday life without worrying. They can be relaxed and show their beautiful smile all the time.

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