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Clear Aligner

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Angelalign COMFOS®is a product that focuses on simple orthodontic cases. COMFOS is designed to meet the news of the younger generation, fast, convenient, and aesthetic.

Features of Angelalign COMFOS

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Advanced automated manufacturing and 3D Printing

Craft every piece of product to realize the high-precision design of each product in line with solutions

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Massive Asian Dental Database

Focus on expertising in teeth of Asian People

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AI Treatment Planning System

Counton AI for treatment planning to deliver a stable and reliable medical design solution

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angelalign’s Professional Medical Design Team

Based on the clinical diagnosis and patient’s oral data,mechanical test platform is applied to establish design specifications and rules consistent with material performance, and control solution’s quality comprehensively for doctors.

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Anti-counterfeiting Process

Upgrade manufacturing process by adding an exclusive identifier and brand LOGO toaligners that are dear at a glance, thus making it easy to distinguish the true from the false.

The Science of the COMFOS®️ System


Developed in conjunction with a world leading plastics manufacturer and independently certified by the UCLA biomaterials department, masterControl has been developed specifically for Angelalign and is used in COMFOS products.。

> More information about masterControl® Material

Even more proprietary and innovative technologies are used to make COMFOS aligners.

> More information about the advanced technologies.

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This information is to provide users with information about the product information of angelalign by answering user questions. The customer service specialists who answer questions are not professional medical staff.
They do not provide advice on medical treatment and diagnosis. Angelalign may collect ,store and use information about you when providing services, and we will take necessary confidentiality measures to protect your information.