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At Wuhan Dental Exhibition, Angelalign Fully Showed Accuracy and Control of Invisible Orthodontics!

Source:angelalign Time:2017-11-21


The 2017 Central China International Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition and Stomatology Academic Conference in Central China (Wuhan) and the 2017 China Stomatological Talent Job Fair was convened in Wuhan on November 11.

As a well-known enterprise in the field of invisible orthodontics, EA was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing new materials such as MasterControl, two products of Angelalign and Angelalign Pro, the one-stop case management platform iOrtho, the invisible orthodontic dynamics design platform MasterForce and the innovative multi-mode correction system MasterMulti. A special forum on the precision and control of Angelalign Accuracy invisible orthodontics was also held to share with colleagues in the industry Angelalign's mechanical test platform MasterForce and the A7 solution to invisible orthodontics for premolar extraction.

『 Special Forum 』
Angelalign · Accuracy
Accuracy and Control of Invisible Orthodontics


At the special event held on November 12, Professor Chen Song, Department of Orthodontics, West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University and expert for technical guidance of Angelalign, first shared “From Experience to Number--Angelalign's Accurate Design and Control of Complex Cases", showing the more accurate design and control of tooth movement of MasterForce, the mechanical testing platform.。


Professor Chen Song pointed out: Clinically, orthodontists are most concerned about the control of the treatment process, which determines the treatment goal realization and effect, especially for complex extraction cases. For the control of the orthodontic process, the core element is biomechanics. At present, there are some shortcomings in the biomechanical research on bracketless invisible orthodontic treatment. First, the design rules lack detailed and reliable basic biomechanical data of invisible orthodontic treatment. Second, the design or modification dominated by personal experience or even feelings has no practical basis and cannot form universally applicable rules.


However, Angelalign’s mechanical analysis and testing platform MasterForce innovatively opens the mechanical black box of tooth correction, accurately calculates the stress of each tooth, and solves complex tooth problems with a more accurate plan. Professor Chen Song shared several representative cases on the spot and designed a very accurate tooth movement plan on the MasterForce platform through digital and visual mechanical analysis.


Next, Doctor Cao Yang of Shanghai Angel Dental Hospital delivered a keynote speech on "Prevention from Zero and Precise Control--How Angelalign A7 System Escorts the Case of Double Dental Arch Tooth Extraction"


Angelalign A7 premolar extraction invisible orthodontic solution is based on the classic Tweed correction theory, introduces the concept of anchorage preparation, achieves good anchorage control, canine overall movement control, incisor torque control and vertical control through optimized accessory design and optimized step-by-step design of biomechanical balance, thus providing a solution for the invisible orthodontics of premolar extraction cases.


In his speech, Dr. Cao Yang analyzed the problems often encountered in the orthodontic treatment cases without the optimization of A7 plan. During the middle and later stages of treatment, problems would often occur such as opening and closing of the teeth before closing in of the slits, tilting in the middle, and loss of anchorage. She analyzed the difficulties in the treatment process through the actual cases of extraction of premolars with double arches, and analyzed in detail how A7's invisible treatment solution for extraction of premolars can escort it for the three stages of treatment.

『 Angelalign Booth 』
New, Professional, Excellent
Angelalign’s Shining Presentation All-around

Angelalign fully demonstrated its innovation achievements in the field of technology and research and development through the three sections of materials, technology and products in Wuhan Dental Exhibition, and deeply communicated with the participating audience, showing the specialty and strength of a national brand in the field of invisible correction for the orthodontists present at the exhibition.



Material section:

It showed the new medical polymer material MasterControl jointly developed by Angelalign and the world-famous invisible correction material companies, which has passed the strict textile test of UCLA Dental Research Service Center, has excellent performance in controlling the movement of complex teeth, and has greatly improved its fracture resistance, making it easy for doctors to handle the complex tooth movement cases.


Technology section:

Master Force, a mechanical analysis and design platform for bracket-free invisible orthodontics integrating the mechanical elements of the whole process from design and production, material mechanics, clinical correction to biomechanics and CAE technology, a testing and analysis system of mechanical elements of the whole process with innovative technology. MasterForce combines factors such as correction mechanical parameters, basic mechanical parameters of diaphragm materials and manufacturing parameters of production process to realize excellent full-automatic tooth movement step by step, appropriate correction force and torque loading, reasonable anchorage mechanical design and accurate appliance replacement time. It turns theory and experience into numbers, from "fuzziness-feedback-adjustment" to precise design and control.

Meanwhile, on the MasterMulti multi-mode correction system, doctors can choose different diaphragms, correction modes and appliance wearing periods according to the individual needs of different case types and correction stages. The correction system creates a personalized and precise treatment solution for doctors, breaks the traditional single diaphragm model of correction, and makes the invisible correction of Angelalign more accurate, personalized and diversified.


It also displayed on the site iOrtho, a multi-terminal, humanistic and internet cloud storage one-stop case management platform specially built for doctors, whose multi-terminal and full scene coverage application mode meets the experience and needs of different doctors, strengthens multi-point practice management, improves work efficiency, and truly realizes humanized and personalized case management and plan evaluation. On-site demonstration of Angelalign iOrtho system showed the doctor audience its strong case management and program evaluation capabilities.


Product section:

The exhibition featured Angelalign and Angelalign Pro, two outstanding products of EA: Angelalign focuses on invisible orthodontic technology, uses computer-aided three-dimensional diagnosis, design, production and other systems and cutting-edge orthodontic technology, and makes a series of transparent appliances, which only need to be replaced every two weeks, so that they are beautiful, comfortable, hygienic, convenient and predictable.

Angelalign Pro uses two kinds of diaphragms with different thicknesses. Innovative thin and thick diaphragms are alternately used for orthodontic treatment. The diaphragm is quickly started and the thick film is precisely controlled. The advantages of the two kinds of diaphragms can be brought into full play. The correction efficiency can be improved and the comfort can be increased within the effective action time.


In September this year, Angelalign reached cooperation with the Training Bureau of General Administration of Sports. As a "provider of guarantee products for the sports training of national athletes", Angelalign escorts the national team athletes’ smile and creates a smile that affects the world together with them.



『 Recruiting Booth 』
Join us in creating a smile that affects the world


Angelalign has also set up a recruitment booth at the exhibition, inviting more elites who are interested in contributing to the invisible orthodontic industry to join us. Angelalign has an excellent design team of invisible orthodontics in China and has strong scientific research strength in mechanics, computational science and other fields, attracting many orthodontic professionals to pay attention to it.

The career development channel of Angelalign has aroused students' attention. Full combination of digital design theory and clinical experience will realize a multi-channel career development path. Angelalign will also provide a platform for learning and absorbing knowledge, a perfect training system for orthodontic talent and UCLA orthodontic elite training, and opportunities for sharing academic achievements in seminars and exchanges at home and abroad, so as to enhance personal professional brand influence.


Science and technology sparkle at this professional feast. Thanks to everyone present for working together with us to create a smile that makes a difference in the world!

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