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A8 Protocol for Molar Distalization

Based on the masterForce® mechanical platform and using masterControl® material, angelalign’s A8 protocol for molar distalization is a systematic integrated solution featuring gradual staging pattern, compatible attachment system and appropriate traction approach, to achieve optimized effects in molar distalization treatment.

The A8 protocol is able to offer clinicians better experience in treatment, and deliver more efficient and accurate teeth movement for patients.

Four Pillars in A8 Design

Control on posterior anchorage: appropriately distribute posterior anchorage and prevent reciprocating mesial movement of molars, to ensure the efficacy of molar distalisation.

Control on posterior height: precisely control molar distalization and prevent extrusion and/or tipping of molars, to significantly reduce the unfit risk.

Control on anterior teeth proclining: provide adequate protection for the anchorage of anterior teeth to avoid unintended buccal movement.

Control on anterior overbite: during intermaxillary traction, compensation of anterior intrusion is designed to cut down risks of worsened overbite caused by traction.


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