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Angelalign smart orthodontics system explains the process from R&D to the practice of the application. It also symbolizes that angelalign has built the capacity and confidence for more doctors to realize the smart orthodontics and the accurate path.

AngelMind is comprised of four layers as philosophy, technology, tool and target.

The first layer is the bottom one which is the core method and thinking based on the understanding of the digital orthodontics targets;

The second layer is the technological innovation based on the bottom thinking;

The third layer is the application innovation based on the technological innovation;

The highest layer is the common goal which angelalign and orthodontics doctors want to achieve hand in hand—build a healthy, balanced and beautiful craniofacial structure and create beauty for users.

This information is to provide users with information about the product information of angelalign by answering user questions. The customer service specialists who answer questions are not professional medical staff.
They do not provide advice on medical treatment and diagnosis. Angelalign may collect ,store and use information about you when providing services, and we will take necessary confidentiality measures to protect your information.