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Pursuit of Efficiency

Invisible orthodontic treatment system, in which different films, different treatment modes and different aligner wearing cycle can be selected to meet requirements of customized orthodontic treatment.

Different film(s) can be selected according to different cases.

Examples: For alveolar bone resorption cases, thin-film and elastic aligner can be selected; for expansion cases thick-film aligner can be selected.

Choose different diaphragm or diaphragm combinations for different treatment stages.

For example, a case with obvious dislocation or tooth extraction can choose a thin film appliance in the first stage of correction, and a thick film appliance in the second stage.

Determination of wearing cycles for different aligners.

Mechanical characteristics of aligners vary with the material, as a result, different aligners may have different wearing cycles: 3 days? 5 days? 7 days? 20 days? 14 days?... Different responses to orthodontic treatment of teenagers and adults may affect selection of aligner materials and wearing cycles.

MasterMulti applied to the Champion Edition of angelalign Pro.

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