Dear national sports athletes,

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As a registered security product of orthodontics for national team athletes, angelalign has fully launched the champion smile program to protect the oral health of national team athletes. EA will help the national team to have the confident champion smiles on the world stage.

If you have additional question of oral health or correction.
Please click on the"Exclusive Appointment"button below or follow the" angelalign Champion Exclusive Customer Service".
Or call directly 40060-51717, sincerely thank you for your trust in us,
We will help you to build the smile influencing the world heartedly!

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This information is to provide users with information about the product information of angelalign by answering user questions. The customer service specialists who answer questions are not professional medical staff.
They do not provide advice on medical treatment and diagnosis. Angelalign may collect ,store and use information about you when providing services, and we will take necessary confidentiality measures to protect your information.